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So Who's Rehan

Our company is a Nairobi, Kenya-based real estate investment firm. Our mission is to help you become financially self-sufficient so that you can pursue the life you want. To that end, we offer personalized solutions that are realistic for individuals.

The company's primary objective is to realize Vision 2030's goal of providing decent, cost-effective housing for all. In 2022, Rehan Properties Ltd. was founded with the goal of elevating the standard of living in Mwananchi through the provision of individualized, affordable solutions. Our company's ultimate goal is to see you succeed financially.

With over a decade of experience under our belts, we've built up an extensive network of contacts in the construction business. We work hard to ensure that you can easily and affordably set up luxurious homes.

What Rehan Properties Lives for

Our mission is to provide you with access to remarkable real estate solutions at prices you can afford.